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Best of Beauty, Julia Blanche Hristova´s choice

julia hristova

Julia Blanche Hristova, founder of ILLUMINA Cosmetics & beauty editor for Luxury Life International Magazine

Site: Instagram: @illuminacosmetics


In the days of Instagram and Photoshop apps costing as little as 5 euros, our approach to beauty is rapidly changing. Are we seeking synthetically fast results without thinking about the chemical build-up in our bodies over the long run? Are we placing beauty before health? Collaborating with renowned skin specialists in aesthetic medicine and visiting cosmetic factories while devoloping my own skin care line ILLUMINA, I’ve learned that the manifacturing process often differs largely from the final product we are so tempted to buy. In the era of mass production, consumer intelligence is vital. I encourage you to read labels for ingredients, ask questions about the ethics of the company, and give yourself the very best when it comes to beauty.

Here is my selection of 7 top-of-the-line products that have been ethically produced and are up to the highest standards when it comes to results. The chosen seven include natural beauty treatments from ancient times as well as the latest products picked from the AMEX beauty Congress which I visited in Monaco, September 2017.

1. Manuka Honey: The Champion
With the winter approaching in Europe and invitations for ski resorts arriving, the best way to avoid winter skin problems is to prevent them. One of the most effective treatments for protecting and healing chapped lips is honey! But not all honey is the same. Its healing qualities depend on where and how it’s harvested. Here comes the beauty champion: Manuka honey, produced in New Zeeland by bees that pollinate the native Manuka bush. Manuka honey has a higher level of enzymes than any other types of honey. So dab your fingers in a jar, apply generously on your lips while having a cup of tea and just after 2-3 applications, your lips will be in a soft, kissable shape. Don’t forget to apply your favorite high-SPF lip balm after for extra protection before hitting the slopes.

Julia Hristova

2. Tea Tree Oil: The Remedy
Have you noticed that in the day you want to look perfect for a special occasion, whether it’s a photoshoot, a date night, or a wedding, you start feeling the cortisol of your excitement growing around your chin or forhead in the form of nasty little zits? After trying many different zit fixes in a lotion or toner form, you may end up buying one of those portable zit-zapper machines. However, I discovered that tea tree oil is the best remedy against pimples. The tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia ) is native to Australia. The oil extracted from the leaves is renowned for its powerful, purifying and anti-bacterial properties. Tea tree oil is available in most health food stores and pharmacies, and it is one of the most inexpensive and highly-effective treatments against pimples, cuts, and cold sores.

Julia Hristova

3. Silver Screen Glow Serum: The STAR Treatment Do you dream of having the porcelain complexion of a movie star? You can, with my mega-favorite product Silver Screen Glow Serum from my own line, ILLUMINA. I am so passionate about its formula, that I’ve been using it constantly, since my company opened its doors 3 years ago. All my close friends, models, actors, singers, and stars in their own social circles are obsessed with the immediate results. The serum has a pleasant smell and multiple purposes locked in a beautifully designed bottle. It gives an immediate lift to the skin thanks to the aloe vera stem cells inside, while rose hip oil plumps fine wrinkles right away giving you an extra glow. Silver Serum is light enough to moisturize even oily skin while closing pores and making them appear smaller; which is the key to picture-perfect complexion. Silver Screen Glow Serum is truly a red carpet treat! Designed by me, and available for you to buy on For more information and to discover other ILLUMINA products, log onto and follow us on Instagram @illuminacosmetics.

Julia Hristova

4 & 5. Crystal Quartz & Eye Candy Gel: DIMOND Eyes Nothing captivates us more than a magnificient gaze, but also nothing shows more aging than the eyes. The delicate skin around them is the first place we see fine lines. Lack of sleep and even negative emotions can leave their mark under the windows of our soul. Crystal Quartz face activator and Eye Candy Gel by ILLUMINA is my proven, natural duo-system for a Hollywood gaze. Personally, I had doubts about crystals and their mystical properties, until 2014, when the director of Lakshmi, an Italian factory set on an eco farm in Tuscany, gave me a small crystal as a gift with special instructions to charge it every month under the full-moon light, and after to keep it in the fridge. I was a bit skeptical but also curious to try. The results were astonishing! This mystically glam treatment has become a part of my beauty routine ever since

Julia Hristova

Together with Eye Candy Gel ILLUMINA’s extraordinary peptide eye cream, the crystal- gel duo creates one of the best natural remedies against dark circles, puffy eyes, and fine lines. Apply a few drops of Eye Candy Gel and gently massage the area under your eyes with the cold crystal until the product is absorbed. Diamond Eyes duo will be available soon to buy on

Julia Hristova


6. NEAUVIA: Doctor’s approach Neuvia is an organic line manifuctured in Switzerland used by professionals in aesthetic medecine. 3D HA Fractional System is a cream I’ve chosen from AMEX Beauty Congress. It contains growth factors and is very light in texture. This innovative cream captured my attention because it has a little shimmer added to it, and it can be used as a primer under makeup. There are no synthetic oils to clog your pores and it leaves a velvety feeling after a single application. The peptides in it form a natural barrier for the skin, preventing damage from weather. For more information and to explore the line, go to

Julia Hristova

7. GHC Placenta Lotion: Love from Japan This extra light but incredibly potent fluid is treated as holy water in my bathroom! The way it brightens and tones the skin without any irration is just remarkable. Exotic as the place it comes from, the Japanese bio fluid contains a unique mixture of JBP placental extract and pomegranate fruit extract. I love using it for about a month after the summer to naturally fade my freckles. It is a great non-invasive treatment that can lighten age spots as well. It doesn’t work immediately, but after a week, you will start seeing results and have that dewy complexion back, after the sun and the sea have left their mark on it. Definately my favorite pick at AMEX!

Julia Hristova

1.Tea Tree Oil; €5. 2. Manuka Honey; €30. 3: ILLUMINA €80. 4+5:.Crystal quartz facial activator €20, Eye Candy Gel €60. 6. Neuvia 3D: €70. 7. GHC Lotion €105.

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