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Eugenie Lurvink Creating Beauty

Eugenie Lurvink Monaco

Eugenie Lurvink is a complete artist. Her creativity has always been her strong point in everything she does. She sees the human face as a canvas, makes an art form and enhances the beauty of every person she works on.

Photography by Alexandra Schuck and Ronald Suelo

Born and raised in Monaco, having studied in Moscow and the Netherlands, Eugenie Lurvink bathed her entire life in the most international of environments and constantly challenging her preconceptions of beauty and finding novel interpretations to the fine art of make up.

Eugenie Lurvink Monaco
Privileged by her family to have been brought up in the luxurious environment  of Monaco, Eugenie was early exposed to the highest standards of art, design and the sensitivity of appearances. As such, she felt increasingly attracted by visual arts and started painting under the auspices of well-established teachers in Russian schools. It was the encounter with colour and forms that opened a world of creation and possibility, which inspired her. Eugenie became increasingly intrigued by design and fashion. She, therefore, applied to the Maastricht Visual and Fine Art Academy where she pursued her training and expanded her palette of skills even further.

Eugenie Lurvink Monaco
Eugenie returned to Monaco with her skills and passion. Admiring women’s beauty and their style on the French Riviera, she decided to devote her life to make every woman a sensational and everlasting beauty.

She quickly received her makeup artist diploma and continued her search for new products and ideas. In 2017, Eugenie studied permanent make up as well and got her diploma from the prestigious long-time-liner group in Paris, known for its best machines, technique and pigments. She currently works out of Studio39 in Monaco and the prestigious Eni Molnar medical cosmetic in Switzerland.

Eugenie Lurvink Monaco

Eugenie has also created her own eyelash brand. As a makeup artist, she knew what was missing on the market, and it was good eyelashes. The particular detail about the EL eyelashes is that they are 3D mink with an evenly distributed volume.

Eugenie Lurvink Monaco

Eugenie Lurvink Monaco

The mink hairs achieve the illusion of a naturally fuller lash, and you can wear them up to 20 times. There are three EL eyelashes: one small size, which is called St Tropez, a medium size called Cannes and the extra full one called Monte Carlo. She is going to extend her collection with faux mink eyelashes as well. The EL eyelashes are ideal for any occasion, daytime or night time glam.

Eugenie Lurvink Monaco

You can purchase them on www.eugenielurvink com, at the Cool/B salon in the Monte-Carlo bay, Carol Joy Salon in the Fairmont Hotel in Monte Carlo and the Eni Molnar Medical Cosmetic in Switzerland.


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