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Jean Marc Saurini, Forging a Healthy Business Empire


The company founder, Jean Marc Saurini, has always been eager to run a good and healthy life. He has been in the beauty & dietary business for more than 15 years, which became a passion as well as a way of life over time.

Photography by Ekaterina Kurilovich

After graduating from business school with a specialisation in Law at the University of Lyon, his first business assignment led him to travel overseas in the textile and upholstery business.

He has been in charge of running several production units, as well as development of new technological ideas with innovative yarns, namely micro-encapsulation technology.

While overseeing production plants all over the world, like France, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Turkey and China, the enriching aspects of traveling became almost part of a daily routine.

Indeed, these frequent trips were full of various dietary experiences, jet lags, stress and exposure to environmental pollution like in Shanghai or New Delhi.

This stressful life with such bad routine started to hit his body and mind which got weaker and weaker. Therefore, he saw there a turning point of his lifestyle: he had to do something about it, to make it better.

He has seen a way to accomplish his work. He started to look at eating better and healthier food, to pay attention to his metabolism and body appearance.

He was also inspired by his life mentor, his dad François Saurini, to change his approach to wellbeing.

Saurini Senior was also a worldwide traveler. In these days, it was even more difficult as his trips overseas, and long stays in China, Africa and south America has led him to raise some health concerns. He joined Jean-marc in his attempt to implement the quality of life.

They had one single commitment: To try to prevent any potential future health concern with the maximum possible naturals solutions, natural remedies, which would mitigate stressful business situations and create a balanced and healthy life.

To achieve this, they both took the final decision that changed their lives forever. They quit their respective business and start their work to find the best natural solutions to enhance everyone’s wellbeing.

They had experienced different habits of life, seen various eclectic cultures which have offered them a wide panel of study and has been a great and interesting source of knowledge to enable them to reach their new ambitions. It was the beginning of and innovative research project that led them to the creation of a company Lyonnaise d’Ethnopharma. This was the way to bring their achievements to a larger audience.

The headquarters are based in LYON, and a new-built facility is located in GRASSE (world’s perfume capital).

The group can offer today a wide range of productsfrom efficient dietary supplements & functional beverages, toanti-aging cosmetics, perfumes, as well as beauty amenities products for Yachts, Airlines company etc…

The name of the company embodies also his ethnopharmacological vision: optimization of natural ingredients, minimization of harmful chemistry. This is enabled by specific research inspired by ancient knowledge of certain tribes and/or indigenous people all around the world, as well as modern studies.

Conscious of that situation, the owner Jean-marc Saurini has decided to bring all his expertise and experience to answer the specific question: how to live longer in healthy condition, prevent diseases, and in the meantime, keep a graceful appearance without the use of risky cosmetic surgeries or hormonal treatments.

To take that challenge, with a natural concept, he followed 2 research paths which will clarify here below:

  • A basic action on the metabolism itself. Indeed, that can allow the organism to defend himself against the various aggressions without anychemicals like drugs
  • External treatments. They have to be the most natural possible, without harmful effects. they have to be efficient enough to stop or reverse the signs of the aging on skin and body.

“Action on metabolism”

By focuses on the powerful role of the intestinal microbiome, already a decade ago. indeed, regulating your gastric function can improve your life in a dramatic way. The bowel plays such a big role in our metabolism that the scientists even call it today “our second brain”.

Based on clinical studies and researches, they managed to combine a highly technical knowledge with a specificproduction process which brought to life high-quality products.

The word “quality” becomes since then the motto and the base of the company’s philosophy.

Jean-marc Saurini was inspired to create specific dietary supplements to regain health & balance. This came to life inoffering a Premium quality juice extracted from a powerful plant harvested in Mexico and well-known since centuries: The Aloe Vera.

He brought on the market products such as: Premium organic Aloe juice, Gastroaloe®, and Stomaclean® (to learn about aloe benefits, please refer to the book written by the Saurinis dedicated to this miraculous plant,Le guide de laloé “ in French and in English).

This dietary range products will thus help to support gastric system in order to improve the immune system and to resist against the virus and bacteria’s aggression. In the meantime, customers receive advice for a healthier diet. The latter must go along with those kinds of treatments. The customers can be advised on how to monitor their sugar level, their cholesterol and others important vital signs. The company also suggests how to exercise safely,to remain healthy. All new solutions to a healthier life will soon be disclosed in a new book called “The Guide to healthier food” written by Mr. Saurini.

“External treatments”

Customers can have access to a new generation of cosmetics that fight the visible and unavoidable signs of ageing.With its Skincare line, LYDEHA Brand has been carefully combining for years themost natural substanceswith clinically-proven effects together with products resulting from the latest technology and research.  Inthis regard, they are sourcing the purest ingredients from its own farms in South America, and from other parts of the world. The company chooses to grow and process the base ingredients in a sustainable and organic manner, which ensuresthe highest and safest quality standardsfor all its products.

The skincarerange of product starts with a simple and pure aloe gel, processed with an exclusive formulation. It is an aloe gel which is a little pharmacy by itself. It is in fact a great relief and treatment for all skin problems,like multiple dermatitis, sun burns, insect bites, stretch marks, etc…

This gel has been the base for more sophisticated and very efficient skin products. LYDEHA has created an exclusive range of skin solutions (for day, for night, for eyes, etc…) as well as SPA treatments for professional use (some of them are also usable at home). The constant goal is to turn back the clock and give people a younger skin and appearance. These creams and treatments are mostly based with natural ingredients, and don’t contain any harmful preservatives such as parabens or artificial colors.

Lyonnaise d’Ethnopharma want to build a long-term relationship with their customers. The founders are very proud to grow and keep the trust over the years. The consumers are seeing the real effects of their products and they do send regular feedback about the improvement of their health and wellbeing.

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