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John Varvatos in London Rock´n´roll clothing

John Varvatos

By Paul Jaycock, Gentleman’s fashion guru and “man about town”
Images by Paul Jaycock. Instagram: @pauljaycock23

Over the years, I have had the privilege of working with some of the best people in luxury. These people are now spread over different areas and sectors, but it’s still always great to catch up over a coffee and hear the latest news, both personal and in the luxury world!

I have been in the Mayfair area the last week and had the opportunity to stop by Savile Row and visit some of my old colleagues: Richard Anderson, Stowers bespoke, Gieves and Hawkes, Chester Barry, Oswald Boateng and Henry Poole. This image of David Bowie is hanging in Stowers; he was one of my heroes as a teenager.

John Varvatos

Photo by Paul Jaycock

John Varvatos

Photo by Paul Jaycock

It got me thinking, so after a catch-up with Ray, I walked down to Conduit Street to visit another friend from times past: John Varvatos in London. I love this store. It is a true luxury environment from the rock ‘n’ roll clothing to the actual store itself.

One thing I learnt was to change my mindset when it comes to the mega-wealthy clients. From presidents and prime ministers to defence ministers or industrious billionaires— they can literally be anywhere at any time they like. If they want to fly to London and see you, they can. A call is made, an appointment is set up and the reason is usually a personal one. They like you. They trust you.

Asking a billionaire if he’s been to the gym since you last saw him and that they look much fitter will elicit the response, “I had one built in the house.” While asking about their sailing holiday, you must keep in mind it’s their yacht and a “crew” will sail it for them. When they say they had a tough day because they lost a five-million-dollar deal, know that they will make that back the very next week. In the John Varvatos store, you immediately feel the luxury rock ‘n’ roll atmosphere. The carpets are exquisite and antique.

The lights were bought from a hotel that closed down and the mirror on the first floor is…well, drop in and see for yourself. There are even leather jackets and jeans for the uber-rich rapper or for the rock ‘n’ roll legend. There is something about beautifully-made clothes; they just have that style. When you walk along wearing exclusive pieces, people notice, and these guys like to be noticed.

Take the time to drop in. It’s worth it….

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