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More than just skin-deep beauty, The Young Professional

Stephanie Cubeddu-Burns

Photography by Stephané Gagnard
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At 27, Stephanie Cubeddu-Burns has built an entire career in dermatology. She already has over a decade of experience in the beauty industry, specialising in medicated skin care.

From a humble start working behind the counter as a consultant for a range of beauty brands in the UK to running her own successful company in Monaco and the Côte d’Azur, the Advanced Skin Clinic, for the last three years, she has continued to innovate and evolve her treatments to offer her clients a highly personalised experience with quantified results. For Stephanie, it is about more than just skin-deep beauty.

How does the approach of the Advanced Skin Clinic diverge from other specialists in the region?
The Advanced Skin Clinic is a scientifically-backed skin care company and a certified Environ skin care centre. Treatments include the Environ Advanced Vitamin Facial as well as body treatments using systems such as the pioneering Cool Peeling System, Cosmetic Needling (CIT) and Intense Vitamin Therapy using the Ionzyme DF 2 Machine. These treatments apply a combination of iontophoreisis (electrical pulses) and sonophoresis (sound waves) to drive vital skin vitamins A, C, E and beta-carotene and other free-radical fighting antioxidants into the skin.

Stephanie Cubeddu-Burns

I am also the only certified DermaplanePro specialist in mainland Europe. My dermaplaning treatment combined with Environ products is quickly becoming my most highly-requested service.

You focus on non-invasive treatments in a world where Botox and fillers are the norm. How does your work compare?
My treatments can actually help prolong the effects of Botox and fillers, but I’m an advocate of naturally healthy skin. I have seen first-hand the devastating effects of skin cancer, and I see it as my personal mission and duty to educate my clients and help them enjoy living under the Mediterranean sun healthily and happily. One of the reasons I chose to work with Environ products is that the range was designed to target vitamin A deficiency and free-radical damage, which can both be causes of skin cancer. Beautifully clear skin is, of course, my goal, but I also want my clients to be happy with the skin they are in. Smile lines are there for a reason. Monaco and its residents must be very different from your native Yorkshire.

Stephanie Cubeddu-Burns

Has it been challenging to launch a business in the principality?

I could not have had a better reception. In the beauty world, people are often shy to share the names of their “doctors,” but almost all of my clients have come via word of mouth. I have been extremely lucky in that respect; my clients trust me personally and also professionally. When I am not at my Monaco- based clinic, I offer mobile treatments from Saint Tropez to Menton. I have also been flown out to international locations for treatments such as my signature Red Carpet Ready Facial. Whether on a yacht, in a hotel or in a private home, my level of service always remains the same. I want my clients to feel the benefits of my treatments beyond just the immediate glow. The Advanced Skin Clinic is about long-lasting and health-beneficial results.

What are your plans for the future?
I recently moved from Nice to Antibes and was pleasantly surprised to see the potential for an English-speaking beauty specialist in the area. I have had many clients in Mougins, Valbonne, Cannes and other expat hot stops since the start, but Antibes seems to be a focal point for many people in the region. In the next few months, I hope to open a second clinic and a dedicated skin care facility here.

Stephanie Cubeddu-Burns

Stephanie Cubeddu-Burns

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