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Art of luxury The Mirror Mirror Project

Vivi Andersen Carltonn Cannes

This winter, Vivi Andersen (artist name VIVI A) has been chosen by the prestigious Hotel InterContinental Carlton Cannes to host her “One shot” art photos.

By Fay Skogstad
Photography by Paul Oatway

It’s a huge honour to be the artist decorating one the most famous hotels on the French Riviera where they have hosted movie stars and dignitaries for well over 70 years,” says Vivi. The artist’s theme of luxury and fashion suits the hotel, and even though Carlton is a traditional hotel, established in 1913, their thinking is very modern.

Vivi Andersen Carltonn Cannes

Vivi Andersen at Carlton Cannes

Nineteen pieces from her Mirror Mirror project have been installed in the hotel lobby, bar and stairway.The hotel chose Vivi for her originality and her connection with Cannes but also for the strong message delivered by the Mirror Mirror images. “It is an exhibition in which each of us can find oneself. It represents what you see rather than what you look at.” Vivi Andersen is a Norwegian global award-winning graphic designer and artist. She runs her own design company OuiCannes Design and moved to France in 2011. Her love for Cannes was immediate after visiting for the first time many years earlier. “Cannes is a multicultural city due to hosting numerous events and conferences including the International Film Festival every year. At the same time, it feels small, and the local people are very welcoming,” says Vivi. Renowned for its luxury hotels, fashion boutiques and restaurants, Cannes also attracts the rich and famous. Vivi was fascinated by this and its contrast of natural surroundings, and that was the inspiration for the photo project Mirror Mirror. “We are attracted by the beauty in the window displays and wish to acquire the creations we see. But the displays also show a different kind of beauty reflected in the glass: the sea, the sky, the trees and the architecture.

Vivi Andersen Carltonn Cannes

”Swim” 83x110cm printed on Dibond aluminium.

It is this merger of two worlds in the layers of what is displayed in the fashion shops and on the other side of the street that is reflected in Mirror Mirror project.” “I love the light in the early morning. Walking on the beautiful Boulevard de la Croisette along the azur blue sea, surrounded by the palm trees and green parks before the city wakes up, is my favourite start of a new day. It’s a perfect time to photograph.”

The project was started in 2014 with all the images taken in Cannes. The luxury boutiques on the Boulevard de la Croisette and the high fashion stores in rue d`Antibes are all featured in the art pieces. “We fell in love with this wonderful perception of the world of VIVI A art, as we all need to sometimes take our time to observe in detail what really surrounds us,” says Laura Lefrançois, Marketing Executive at InterContinental Carlton Cannes. The photographic images are not manipulated or edited in any post production, and this makes them very unique. “This was very important for me,” says Vivi, “as an argument against the current trend of over-manipulation of photos. My art is taken as one shot, utilising a special lens filter to enhance the layers and colours and to make the photos three-dimensional.”

Vivi Andersen Carltonn Cannes

”Rouge Noir” 83x110cm printed on Dibond aluminium.

To get the perfect shot, the light, timing and correct angle is crucial to compliment the mannequins, the clothes, the colours and the decoration of the window display. It requires a precise eye for composition and has to be taken very early in the morning. At this time, there is no distraction of cars and people in the street, and a photographer is able to achieve the correct light and reflections in the photos.

InterContinental Carlton Cannes is a 5-star hotel with 343 rooms built in 1911. With its prestigious location on the Boulevard de la Croisette, the -luxurious hotel blends the charms of yesteryear with upscale, modern amenities. The hotel is famous for hosting movie stars from around the world during the annual film festival.

Vivi was selected as the Artist of the Summer at Le Mas Candille Hotel in Mougins in 2016, where 6 of her art photos were displayed on a mural wall by the pool. They received great reviews and as a result, she was chosen as the Artiste d`Honneur 2017 at the yearly competition Grand Prix International d`Artist arranged by Mairie de Cannes.

Vivi Andersen Carltonn Cannes

”Chaine” 47x57cm printed on high quality archival
photo paper.

Vivi grew up in a small, rural town in the east of Norway as the youngest of three girls. Her childhood was filled with imagination and the necessity of being practical as a result of not having much when she grew up. She won her first drawing competition at the age of six and went on to paint, write stories and create art throughout her teenage years. Gradually, Vivi won prizes for her short stories and mural commissions and later for her commercial creativity as a graphic designer. Being displayed on the walls of Carlton in Cannes has been the highlight of her artistic career.

Mirror Mirror can be seen at the InterContinental Carlton Cannes Hotel until May 2018. All the photos are for sale, and they are only sold in the quantity of one per motive.
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