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Super Luxury Cosmetics to invest in by Anastasiya Lvova

Anastasiya Lvova

Anastasiya Lvova is a young woman of class, refined, elegant, and with a remarkable talent for living a luxury life. A woman who likes to emphasize her femininity and beauty but without arrogance and has developed her own super-luxury cosmetics

Images by Anastasiya Lvova

By Anastasiya Lvova and James Phillips

Anastasyia does not go after fashions because she is unique and demands uniqueness for herself and for what she uses. She has created a line of exclusive products, to offer to unique woman like herself, which has always been the dream that has accompanied her throughout her life. To realize this dream, Anastasyia has embarked on a long journey to different countries in search of inspiration. 
A journey that has allowed her to learn about traditions and cultures, scents and customs of distant lands. Through these explorations, she enriched her creative journey with fascinating inspirations. 
Anastasiya arrived in Italy, the home of quality, beauty and art, where she found the excellence to create her ideas and realize her projects. Products researched and designed for women which are recognized and are inspired by the world and style of Anastasyia Lvova

Anastasiya Lvova

The collection AL by Anastasiya Lvova is characterized by cosmetics with sophisticated formulas of the latest generation. The most advanced knowledge in the field of scientific research combined with the properties of rare and valuable substances offer results never achieved before. AL by Anastasiya Lvova chose to enclose its precious cosmetics inside real jewels of Italian craftsmanship. 
It is a gift to women who want to enhance their beauty with something truly unique. The product has been developed in Italy.

Anastasiya Lvova Anastasiya Lvova

The cosmetic is cleverly formulated by expert Italian cosmetologists in accordance with the latest scientific research. The diamond powder contained in the cosmetics comes from the White Diamond with a single procedure. 
The vase-shaped diamond is made of Murano glass and handmade by skilled Venetian glass makers. Each piece is unique. 
The silver spoon is made entirely by hand by Italian master goldsmiths. 
The coffer was lined out entirely by hand by master craftsmen using high quality fabrics. 
This product is pure class with features unique and unrepeatable.

Anastasiya Lvova

The kingdom of Anastasyia is dedicated to women who carefully choose exclusive products and services in tune with their being and their lifestyles. 
For those who appreciate authenticity and perfection, favor the qualitative value of things and prefer to focus on unique, innovative, effective, and made in limited editions. 
In the kingdom of Anastasiya, the best Italian masters have been working hard. 
Their creations are unique and limited. Coming from the world of cosmetics, botany, and precious stones, these experts create incomparable cosmetic formulas with elements precious and exclusive. Renowned master craftsmen perfected every single product created by Anastasiya into real works of art creating around exclusive cosmetics jars and chests made with refined techniques

Anastasiya Lvova

The coffer is lined out entirely by hand by skilled artisans using materials of the highest quality and it is specially designed both to protect the product and to highlight, once opened, the cosmetic that appears like a real diamond lit to enhance its preciousness
Sognami is a cream born with a dual function. The first to give the face an extraordinary brightness and an instant compactness, the second curative if applied daily. 
Sognami contains precious, rare and lastest generation ingredients that act simultaneously in all layers of the skin by stimulating cellular activity of connective tissue, repairing the three-dimensional skin matrix. The precious diamond particles injected with photoluminescent effect scatter all wavelengths of light, enhancing the beauty of women from the first application creating a “soft focus” converting light invisibly. The action of the diamond powder, in synergy with the other components, can recreate the effect of light on the skin illuminating and perfecting, neutralizing the imperfections of color and deeper wrinkles, and smoothing the complexion. 
Sognami applied daily, acts through a total action of cell renewal, providing extraordinary results in terms of firmness, skin elasticity, hydration, collagen production, decrease in wrinkle depth, smoothness, and softness. Hence, the facial features will return to be defined, for an energized and radiant skin.

Anastasiya Lvova

Sognami is contained in a diamond of Murano glass. The art of glass dates back to ancient times and is one of the most refined techniques to ever exist. From the excellence of Murano, glass craftsmen hand make each item, blowing it and making each piece unique. The heart of the diamond contains the precious cream diamond powder. Every product created by Anastasiya is a cosmetic unique jewel, not only highly effective, but contained in precious and elegant packaging.

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