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3D Exploring Innovative technology by Miru

MIRU 3D photography

Think of Miru as a living, breathing Google Map, but instead of seeing solely the outside of buildings or yachts, you have now the ability to examine, research and inspect the interior of just about anything you can imagine thanks to Miru´s success.

By Martin Hines
Photography by Ash Chalk

Miru 3D is an innovative technology company currently making waves across both land and sea. Formed in 2015 by entrepreneur Billy Haynes, Miru specialises in creating virtual 3D walkthroughs for the luxury yacht and real estate markets. Using cutting-edge technology, Haynes and his team build fully immersive models that allow clients to explore a space from anywhere in the world.

MIRU 3D photography

Billy Haynes

Imagination is at the heart of Miru’s success, which has developed significantly from a concept to a (virtual) reality. Speaking to Luxury Life International after filming Conway Club’s Connoisseur yacht at St. Katharine Dock in central London, Billy Haynes revealed the inception of the company and how such a unique idea came to fruition.

MIRU 3D photography
“We recognised there was a gap in the market for luxury industries that have an extensive international clientele base.” reveals Haynes. “By using our technology, we give businesses the opportunity to showcase their yacht or property by taking it to their clients instantly.”
This immediacy completely removes geographical constraints and allows 24-hour digital viewings. In this increasingly fast-paced world, allowing a potential buyer the opportunity to peruse at their leisure can prevent delays and avoid a lack of clarity.

It’s clear when talking to Haynes that his desire to ease and aid his clients is what enables Miru to be such an appealing prospect for businesses. “What makes Miru 3D unique is our dedication to helping clients increase sales and drive business,” says Haynes. “As a pioneer in this field, we have been leading the way and setting the industry standards with our commitment and the delivery of the highest quality 3D models that help our clients achieve their sales goals.”

MIRU 3D photography

Billy Haynes

Although 3D technology is now widely adapted and used across both entertainment and commerce, there are still misconceptions about what it actually means. Unlike cinema or television-based 3D, which requires the use of glasses, Miru incorporates a sleek but incredibly powerful technology that has the ability to bring almost any space to life. A user can fluidly “walk” through engaging spaces allowing more precision and detail than if they were viewing in person. Have you forgotten what colour a wall was? Simply click back and view again. Need to know how many windows or doors are on the property? Count along as the tour progresses. Miru’s early success came via partnerships within the property and retail industries, and now they have advanced their scope with a series of prosperous forays into the luxury yacht market. “We have developed a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ needs, which has allowed us to help them far exceed goals,” remarks Haynes. “With regards to yachts, we work with shipyards and brokers based all over Europe, creating models for some of the industry’s most recognisable brands. We typically work on motor yachts measuring 15-80m, and as we grow, I’m looking towards working on more super and mega yachts.”

For a company looking to work with Miru, the straightforward process allows both sides to collaborate to achieve the best results. “Every business we work with is unique and has different aspirations, so whenever we take on a new client, we always sit down with them at the very beginning of a project and work out their goals to see how we can achieve them. It’s this personalisation and understanding of every project that sets Miru 3D apart.”

Across luxury yachts in particular, Miru is establishing itself as a key component for both buyers and sellers, and the global presence of yachting synchronises perfectly with Miru’s accessible platform. “Regardless of location, we bring the yacht to them via our high quality 360-degree model, wherever they are and whenever they want to view it. This in turn, creates more leads that generate more sales,” says Haynes. “Our experience is everything; we’re pioneers in this field, being one of the first in Europe to work with this type of technology. When you pair that with our commitment on specific industries, you get an unparalleled knowledge of working with luxury spaces. Our technology is of the highest quality, and we work with spaces that are designed and constructed to the highest quality too.”

This quality has not just been praised by clients and purchasers, but it has also won awards and been featured by prominent outlets. Following Miru’s recent work developing a virtual tour for the Vulcan XL426 Bomber, BBC News highlighted the entire process and what viewers can see across the historic plane. Expect more high-profile mentions of Miru to come in the future, especially if Haynes’s future plans develop the way he hopes.

MIRU 3D photography

Billy Haynes

“As our presence grows, I can see us working alongside more shipyards and brokers to help them drive international sales. Ultimately, we provide a first-class solution in showcasing these impeccable yachts in a way that traditional 2D imagery just can’t,” he says.

“Over the past couple of years, we have really made an effort to establish our technology within the European yacht and real estate markets, and our aim in the near future is that we push further into the global market as well. I truly believe as the years progress that this type of technology will become the normal way for property buyers to conduct a first viewing. Miru 3D has been there from the very beginning, and you can guarantee that we’ll continue to be at the forefront of this technology in years to come.”

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