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Colorful variety, International Artist Anura Thamardt

Anura Thamard

Anura Thamardt was born and raised close to the strong flowing Rhine River in the western part of Germany. She was influenced by her artistic parents and the neighbourhood where she lived. Degree-educated, she was taught at an art and design university in Germany.

Images by Anura Thamardt

Generally, my work is influenced by the summary of my experiences and knowledge since childhood, says Anura. People often find a lot of variety in Anura’s artwork, from black and white to very colorful, from abstract to figurative. She prefers to work in different styles and techniques as well, from acrylic to mixed media. Her love of variety is seen in her choice of subjects too.

Anura Thamard
Anura loves and respects nature and the unique natural beauty of every person. To be flexible and to work with a variety of media is vital for Anura, because after all, life is full of variety. In life, there are always changes; nothing remains the same and her art reflects this. Below are some of the many galleries and museums where her work has been presented and some of the publications and awards listed over the recent years:
TNC Gallery, New York, USA – ART Nordic 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark
– Gallery Kunstwerk Berlin – Galleri Pialeh, Frederiksberg, Denmark –
“Art & Antique Fair Duesseldorf,” Gallery Karl Schwarzer, Germany –
Museum Guild Hall, East Hampton, New York – Eickholt Gallery,
New York – NY Arts Magazine, Article regarding my works “Komposition,”
New York – Gallery Marc Miller, New York – Gallery Hexagone, Aachen,
Germany – First Prize at the German Competition – Art at Architecture –
Jury Prof. W. Schmalenbach, Museum Kunstsammlung NRW, Germany
and Luxury Life International magazine (LLi)

Anura Thamard
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  1. Anura you’re a great and brilliant artist! I’m proud of you! Congratulations for your beautiful works…Hugs and kisses! Jenny Ticao

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